“Humaηoid Alieηs Based iη a 34 Millioη-years-old Uηdergrouηd Structure 2 Miles Uηder Aηtarctica” – Liηda Moultoη Reveals (video)

In the desolate, icy expanse of Antarctica lies a trove of enigmas, concealed beneath its frozen depths. Linda Moulton Howe’s probing interviews have unearthed a wealth of secrets, none more intriguing than the revelations from retired US Navy petty officer, Brian. His tenure from 1984 to 1997 in Antarctica paints a picture of unearthly encounters and clandestine operations.

Brian, now 61, bravely unravels his memories, shrouded in mystery and high strangeness. His recollections unveil a world beyond comprehension, rife with inexplicable occurrences that defy conventional understanding. A chilling tale begins to emerge, echoing from the depths of the South Pole’s frozen heart.

During his service, Brian bore witness to inexplicable phenomena, shattering the boundaries of human understanding. Silver disks danced across the firmament, their movements defying the laws of physics known to mankind. Yet, it was not only these aerial acrobatics that bewildered Brian and his crew. An ominous sight, a colossal cavity near the South Pole, stood as a sentinel to forbidden knowledge. Supposedly an air sampling station, its existence hidden within a no-fly zone begged more questions than it answered.

However, it was in the throes of an emergency medevac operation that the veil of secrecy seemed to lift. Tasked with a dire mission, Brian and his crew charted a course across the forbidden no-fly zone. It was here that their eyes beheld a sight that struck terror into their very souls—an entrance, a gateway perhaps, leading to the fabled human-ET research base whispered about in hushed tones.

But the mystery did not end there. Scientists, seemingly spirited away into the unknown, disappeared for a harrowing span of two weeks near Murray Birdland, only to reappear with haunted countenances. A directive swiftly followed, commanding the crew to maintain silence about their encounters. Yet, no official non-disclosure agreements bound their tongues.

Now retired, Brian steps into the light, sharing his experiences, resolute in his belief that nonhuman entities were pivotal actors in the clandestine dramas that unfolded amidst the Antarctic ice.

In the subsequent years following his initial revelations to Linda Moulton Howe, Brian’s life took an eerie turn. A startling and perturbing call interrupted his routine, triggering waves of apprehension. The shadows of the past seemed to converge upon him, leaving him perturbed yet resolute in his resolve to bring forth the truth concealed within Antarctica’s icy embrace.

The conversations between Linda and Brian cast a chilling light on the arduousness of life and work in the world’s most desolate continent. They peeled back the layers of secrecy, exposing the relentless challenges faced by those who dared to venture into this realm of perpetual cold and isolation.

One particular incident stood out amidst the annals of Brian’s memory—a mission diverted to the South Pole for refueling, prior to a critical medevac to Davis station. The journey to the pole itself was unremarkable, routine even, as they loaded their craft with vital fuel before embarking on the subsequent leg of their journey.

These chronicles of Antarctic exploits are a testament to the unknown, to the inexplicable forces that lurk in the furthest reaches of our world. Brian’s revelations beckon us to ponder the secrets buried beneath the ice—a Pandora’s box of mysteries waiting to be unveiled, challenging the very fabric of our understanding of reality.


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