Geologists Amazed by the Siberian “living crater” that always changes its shape

Russian geologists exploring in Irkutsk in Siberia in 1949 discovered a crater with a volume of 230,000-250,000 cubic meters. Geologists called it the Patomskiy crater.

The crater has a strange shape, with a dome in the middle surrounded by a circular hill. The dome has a height of 80 meters and the hill surrounding it has a diameter of 150 meters.

The crater was dated as 350 years old, before the Tunguska phenomenon, which is supposed to have been caused by the crash of a meteorite.

Although this crater was supposed to be the work of a meteorite, there was no obvious evidence of this hypothesis. In fact, it is not known what produced this crater.

Russian geologists believe that under this crater, at a depth of 150 meters, is buried a large iron object that has an enormous density. The most interesting aspect of the crater, which astonished the geologists, is that it changes the shape. Another strange thing about this crater is that the trees around it grow faster than normal.

One of the working hypotheses of Russian geologists is that this crater is still a natural geological formation.

Viktor Sergeyevich Antipin from St. The Petersburg Institute of Geochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences says that this crater can be of natural origin and that there is no evidence to support the theory that it is a crater resulting from the impact of a meteorite.

He made these statements at a conference organized by the Saint Petersburg Mining Institute on this subject.

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