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In these times, when the values ​​that were once considered common and basic are disappearing and giving way to lastentaciones, luxuries and lust, the fact of believing in God is no longer so typical of human beings.

In addition to the fact that most believers consider themselves “non-practicing”, it is estimated that until the year 2040 atheism will be the most widespread “religion” on the planet.

But nevertheless

Although believing does not seem very fashionable, there are still millions of people who believe that faith and religion are important parts of their lives. One of the sites closest to the Christian tradition is the homeland of Salma Hayek, Thalia and Luis Miguel. And that, in spite of the fact that “Santa Muerte” is still very present in Mexico.

As if it were a story on the big screen, what happens in the state of Veracruz, Mexico, has shocked the whole world. With only two months of age, this baby has become the most feared and revered by believers, who claim that he is the antichrist himself.

The parents of the minor:

Living on the outskirts of the city of Salina Cruz, they affirm that the mark formed on the forehead of the child is denacimiento, however, and at the beginning it was somewhat diffuse, with the passing of the days it was marked with greater intensity.

Although the child has been treated by several doctors, until now none has found a logical explanation to the fact that today the whole world is heading.

“The doctors say that it is an abnormal accumulation of blood that will gradually disappear and that the shape of the cross is just a coincidence,” says the boy’s aunt, who in turn is incredulous in explaining the science.

So far, dozens of people walk every day on the roads to visit the family home and meet the priests who affirm that it is the “antichrist” and that many others swear, that it is the Jesus’ incarnation.

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