Another Crashed UFO in Antarctica – Visible on Google Earth since 1997, now clear

A russian researcher Valentin Degterev has found an amazing frozen alien aircraft in Antarctica , using Google Earth.

Few days ago he delighted the viewers of his YouTube channel, demonstrating his finding.

The researcher said that he noticed this unusual object in photos from 1997, but it was more covered with ice. Now when the ice is melted he could study better the mysterious object and he was able to determinate what it is.

He said that this is for sure not a natural formation, most likely a crashed UFO, an ancient artifact of hundreds of thousands of years.

Decterev would like start an expedition there in Antarctica , but no private company could extract such an object, because it is 2000 feet in length and 300 feet in height.

There are many mysteries in Antarctica, remember the pyramids of Antarctica, remember the other UFOs crashed and UFO entrances that we can see using Google Earth,

But unfortunately the private companies are not allowed to go there and do researches, probably you guess why…


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