3 Triangle UFOs fly by the International Space Station (video)

This footage was recently filmed from the International Space Station viewport, on 21 February 2019.

An astronaut on board of the ISS recorded 3 triangle UFOs flying in straight line.

What’s very interesting is that these triangle UFOs flew by the ISS in matter of seconds, which mathematical show us that it can’t be space debris.

We start to see these object recorded by ISS and not only more often, could it be part of UFO disclosure?


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  1. First question is were did you obtain the footage? To believe it is actual footage filmed by an ISS crewman. By the looks of it, the objects appear to either be breaking up through Earth’s atmosphere or “popping into” our space. It would be nice to know what crewman made what comments. What was mentioned in a report that would have accompanied the footage. With the objects moving so fast across the earth and the ISS view-port, the crewman had to already be at the port filming. What prompted the crewman to already be there, and with camera going? To your question of it being part of a UFO disclosure: For my opinion I would probably say yes if the film is true, or if not then for more disinformation. This is my initial thought for what little knowledge I have. More brain storming….

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