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We Have Evidence that Time Travel Exist(video)

People have always been attracted to the idea of “Time Travel”. Along the line, some anomalies were observed, people who appeared at different times with clothes or technologies not yet invented at that time. This leads us to think that someone owns a time machine and is kept hidden from the eyes of the public.…

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According to Scientists New Discoveries, “GOD EXIST And We Found The Proof”

Science is now the greatest ally of God. Since the era of Enlightenment, when rationalism and empiricism have established their domination over faith in seeking the greatest truths of the universe, science and religion have been antagonistic to each other. At one point, it seemed that any scientific discovery would only undermine the truth of…

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A Cube Shaped Object of Earth Size was Observed Near the Sun

The mysterious cube appears regularly in the lenses of the satellite cameras that observe the solar phenomena. Ufologists in the United States saw this cube again on February 9 this year. Independent researchers have noticed three common things about all the phenomena of this type so far. The mysterious solar object: -It is a cube,…

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UFO with the size of a country ( 2000 miles) was filmed in space (video)

Today we have Bob Dean, he is retired from the U.S. Army as a Command Sergeant Major after a 28-year career. He shows images of an extraterrestrial object that is 2000 miles long . It was recorded in a ring of Saturn in 1980. I know it may be unbelievable, but the recent leaked images…

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The Moon is embedded by the Earth’s atmosphere

The Apollo Missions have never left Earth’s atmosphere in their long travel to the moon. The Earth’s atmosphere is much more extended into space than what we used to know before. It reaches into space as far as 630,000 km away, 50 times the diameter of Earth. This has been recently discovered by a group…

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Unexplained Space Explosion of an “Object” Like “Nothing Seen Before” Baffles Scientists

A pair of telescopes sitting on the Big Island of Hawaii have recently captured a massive explosion of light emanating from deep space and they have no idea what it is, what caused it, and it’s all been documented in a new paper. I’ll put the link to it down below published two astronomerstelegram.org describing…

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