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An Alien Base Has Been Found on Moon – Google is trying to hide it – March 2019

There is all kind of anomalies on Mars and Moon, not to mention here, on Earth. Now, let’s focus on one of these anomalies found on the Moon. The anomaly has been found by the Taiwanese ufologist and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring when he studied some satellite pictures of the Moon. The anomaly is on…

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The Moon is embedded by the Earth’s atmosphere

The Apollo Missions have never left Earth’s atmosphere in their long travel to the moon. The Earth’s atmosphere is much more extended into space than what we used to know before. It reaches into space as far as 630,000 km away, 50 times the diameter of Earth. This has been recently discovered by a group…

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GIANT “Things” Are Circling The Moon

I posted a lot of Moon related videos whether it be basis artificial looking structures. The facts that NASA had covered a lot of these structures up, after the fact using air brushing techniques demonstrated in some photographs we can find online. We have done a lot of analysis on the Apollo moon missions and…

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The US Tried To Detonate A Nuclear Weapon On The Moon – WHY?

A retired USAF Colonel, Colonel Ross Dedrickson claims that the US government tried to detonate a nuclear weapon on the moon, but extraterrestrials prevented them from doing so. In the 50’s, part of Dedrickson’s responsibilities included maintaining the inventory of the nuclear weapon stockpile for the AEC and accompanying security teams checking out the security…

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The Moon Has Over 250 Million Citizens

A former CIA pilot shocked the public with his statement that the Moon is actually a livable place with over 250 million citizens. The former CIA pilot, John Lear, has been quite famous among the conspiracy theorists. “Everything you heard about the Moon is a lie,” exclaimed Mr. Lear. He said he has discovered secret…

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The Moon is Not What You Think it is – What Ancient Human Civilizations Said About The Moon

Ancient Human Civilizations across multiple continents around the world speak of the time BEFORE the Moon arrived – and with it so did our ocean tides, seasons and conditions prime for an abundance of life. However, there is an abundance of evidence that significant information regarding our Moon and the Apollo landings have been withheld…

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Ever wondered why no one has set foot on the Moon for decades? And why there’s no permanent outpost already established there? Is it because the Moon is not a viable celestial body to harness, or maybe because all of the above mentioned are already happening, but we are not being told about it? The…

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Who Owns The Moon?

Because space is an area without defined boundaries, there are many questions about legal jurisdiction on spacecraft orbiting Earth and other celestial bodies. Space-faring nations have agreed to a variety of policies and treaties that concern activities in space exploration. As soon as humans reached for the stars, some reached for the law books. In…

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