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The Air Force is doing Tests on Alien Technology Recovered from Downed UFOs at Nellis Base

The Nellis Air Force base has a 5000-mile space in the desert where they can test new weapons and vehicles away from the eyes of the curious. Sources say that US military operate in association with a species of advanced aliens, the Tall Whites. More than 50 years ago, the Pentagon has reached an agreement…

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SCIENTIST: “U.S Has Anti-Gravity Space Vehicles Obtained By Reverse Engineering Alien Technology”

Although the US Government and other governments keep these secret things, they are no longer secrets. Everyone already knows that the US government owns spacecraft with anti-gravity engines obtained by reverse engineering from alien spacecraft. The first to reveal these secrets was Bob Lazar, an engineer who worked at Area 51. Bob Lazar himself worked…

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An American Scientist Breaks The Silence About UFOs and Alien Technology

Known scientist Emery Smith claims to have worked in an American underground base for biology experiments held by aliens and that the experiments there will radically change the world. In a video on youtube, the scientist makes a long series of revelations about the UFO, but also about the ET and EBE. Smith states that…

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Alien Technology – Might Be a Billion Years Old and Not Made of Matter

The author of “Alien Minds”, Susan Schneider of the University of Pennsylvania, has proposed a “greater age of alien civilizations” argument that says that “if extraterrestrial civilizations are millions or billions of years older than us, many would be vastly more intelligent than we are. By our standards, many would be superintelligent. We are galactic…

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Technosignatures: Detecting Alien Antimatter Propulsion

An exploration into the concept of antimatter propulsion and whether effects of it could be seen at a distance as a SETI technomarker. By its nature, antimatter is a tricky substance. After all, whenever it comes into contact with normal matter the two mutually annihilate and release massive amounts of energy , obviously that property…

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