NASA Photos Shows Unknown Metal Object On Mars this month

Curiosity Rover sent a series of pictures from Mars this week and in one photo we can clearly see an artificial piece of metal with a hole in the center of it.

These pictures are posted on NASA’s official site and can be studied by anyone who is passionate about mars and the mysteries that this planet can offer.

Some virtual archaeologists may say that this piece of metal is from the Curiosity itself but c’mon, how can a multi-billion rover lose one of its parts. On the other hand, there are no rover tracks around that piece of metal that can suggest that it is a lost piece of the rover.

Another curiosity is that NASA did not conceal this picture that is a smoking gun evidence that something weird is going on the red planet.

Is this piece of metal a lost part of another human mission on Mars or is it something more?

Mabe is a piece of a mechanism lost there by a lost Martian civilization or maybe Mars is visited by other aliens!?

Article created by Chris © Alien Star

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