These are 11 of the most mysterious archaeological discoveries in the world

The more archaeologists make more discoveries, we realize how little we know about our history and origins. We are a species with amnesia, as Graham Hancock well said.

We have a need to understand our origin and the meaning of life, and the more we research,the more questions we have.

The underground city of Derinkuyu.

The city was discovered in 1963 in Turkey in the Cappadocia area by a local after he discovered a hidden room behind a wall in his home.

Later, archaeologists would discover this multi-level, 60-meter-deep underground city, that could accommodate a population of 20,000 people.

The city could be closed from inside with solid rock gates and could also close each floor. It is not known with what equipment this city was built and for what purpose. Several experts say the city was built to shelter the population from the climate change catastrophes.

Longyou Artificial Caves

Longyou Artificial Caves are located near Shiyan Beicun City on the Qu River in Longyou County, Quzhou Prefecture, Zhejiang Province, China.

These caves are the largest artificial caves ever made by people with their hands. There are 24 caves and were discovered in 1992. A single cave was opened for visitors.

Gigantic spheres of stone.

Most gigantic spheres of stone have been discovered in Costa Rica, but they have been discovered on other continents including in Europe.

The spheres were discovered for the first time in 1930 when workers on a site that cleaned the jungle to create a banana plantation run over these spheres. Being simple spheres without inscriptions on them, nobody really understands why they have been built and for what purpose.

The Great Pyramid of Giza.

It is truly the most impressive building ever made by an ancient civilization. Archaeologists say it was built to be used as a tomb, but there is no evidence to support this hypothesis.

However, there is clear evidence that the Pyramid can focus Earth’s electromagnetic energy on its cameras, which it sends to its lower levels. This evidence was published in the Journal of Applied Physics in 2008.

Al-Naslaa, the monolith cut in two with the laser beam.

This monolith was discovered in the desert of Saudi Arabia.

Monolith seems to cut into eggs with a laser beam and stays in a strange position of balance. On his surfaces, there are drawings and all kinds of strange symbols.

Mohenjo Daro, India.

This incredibly sophisticated city was discovered in 1992 by archaeologist R. Banardzhi on the banks of the Indus river.

It was dated as built around 2500 BC and was contemporary with the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Minoa in Greece. It is the largest ancient Indian city. Its level of sophistication goes beyond any ancient city. As suggested in an episode of the Ancient Aliens documentary series, the city was destroyed by the Aliens.

The 2 billion-year nuclear reactor in Okla, Gabon.

A researcher at a nuclear power plant in France has found traces of U235 in a sample of ore from uranium mines in Gabon.

U235 is the uranium isotope that maintains and produces nuclear fission. Researchers in nuclear physics have established that they have discovered a natural nuclear reactor 2 billion years old. For more information see the link below:

Malta’s prehistoric cart tracks.

These tracks have been found in Siggievi. This is a prehistoric site named Misrah Ghar il-Kbir. The age and purpose of these tracks is not known.

Archaeologists believe the site was developed in 2000 BC. The Russian archaeologist Dr. Alexander Koltypin says these tracks may be millions of years old.

The underwater monoliths in Yonaguni.

They were discovered in 1986 by Kihachiro Aratake, director of the Yonaguni-Cho Tourism Association, looking for a good place to watch sharks.

Because of the regular forms these structures are artificial constructions, say most of those who studied them and may be of an ancient city that belonged to a highly advanced civilization.

Huge knife discovered underwater.

A group of 3 divers has discovered this giant “knife” immersed in the sea.

This picture has circulated on the internet among the passionate enthusiasts and no other data is known about it. Some say it’s a fake, but others say it’s real.

An ancient mask created from alien metals.

On the coast of Florida, a mask, from a metal alloy containing iridium was found immersed in water.

The experts who examined it and say that is at least ten thousand years old. Wait a minute, 10 thousand years ago, the ancient civilizations of central America knew how to forge metal alloys !!! ???

The archaeologists who studied it have determined that the mask was brought from Central America by the graves robbers and that the ship that transported it sank on the coast of Florida.

Article created by Chris © Alien Star

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