There was another Universe before this one – Scientists found evidence

Astrophysicists have found clear evidence that there is a cycle of universes.
Oxford University’s famous professor of physics and astrophysics, Sir Roger Penrose, have discovered that our universe is the last of an infinite series of universes that are born and die in an infinite cycle.

Through his discoveries, emeritus Professor Penrose answered the question, “What was before the big bang?”


Sir Roger Penrose says our universe still carries the signs of the events that took place in the universe before this one, a universe destroyed 14 billion years ago.

Professor Penrose and other astrophysics scientists have made these discoveries studying the cosmic background radiation discovered in 1960, the radiation that has existed since the very beginning of our universe, the radiation generated by the Big Bang itself.

Before this universe, there was another universe that contained super-massive black holes that in billions of years had consumed all the matter in the universe and eventually disappeared, leaving behind what is called Hawking radiation, the radiation discovered by the famous Stephen Hawking.


Astrophysicists and quantum physicists say the universe actually appeared from nothing, due to strange and yet undiscovered quantum physics laws.

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