The 2 billion years old nuclear reactor found in Gabon – Africa

An engineer, from a nuclear fuel plant in France, analyzed a uranium sample from Oklo mine in Gabon and found, surprisingly, the U235 isotope, capable of sustaining a nuclear reaction.

Physicists from several countries met in Gabon to find out what was happening at the Oklo mine and found that underground, there was a nuclear reactor that appeared to be natural.

Physicists have found that the reactor started 1.8 billion years ago and has been in operation for 500,000 years. These discoveries have been made public at a conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Scientists who have researched in Okla have found remnants of fission and fuel waste around the mine. What is so extraordinary is that a nuclear reaction has produced plutonium and that the nuclear reaction has moderated itself for many years.

Scientists consider the mine as a natural reactor and that water moderated the nuclear reaction, as graphite and rhodium bars moderate the reaction from modern nuclear reactors in order not to explode.

The big problem that raises an even bigger question is who has been able to enrich uranium almost 2 billion years ago, as U235 isotopes do not appear naturally, but through uranium enrichment processes.

For more information on this strange discovery watch the video below:

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