According to Scientists New Discoveries, “GOD EXIST And We Found The Proof”

Science is now the greatest ally of God. Since the era of Enlightenment, when rationalism and empiricism have established their domination over faith in seeking the greatest truths of the universe, science and religion have been antagonistic to each other.

At one point, it seemed that any scientific discovery would only undermine the truth of holy scriptures and bring extra arguments for atheists.

That’s why it’s an irony of the fate that today, as scientific analysis tools have become more sophisticated and scientists have access to more observations and experiments than ever before and have learned more and more about the universe, precisely these observations and theories lead us to the acceptable conclusion of the existence of a creative God. At the beginning of the twentieth century, scientists thought the universe was eternal and permanent.

This meant that the space, mass, and energy of the universe so existed from the beginning without a clear beginning. This idea of the universe’s permanence was challenged later when astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered in 1929 that the universe is expanding. Through sophisticated mathematical calculations, he came to the conclusion that the universe is not eternal and has a beginning.

This idea was greeted with skepticism by most astronomers at the time, including by Albert Einstein, who thought it ridiculous that the universe had a beginning. Sir Frederick Hoyle, a renowned British astronomer, was very vocal against this idea and sarcastically called the beginning of the universe “the big bang.”

Ironically, this mockery name was adopted by the astronomy community of those times and the mainstream dominant theory of the creation of the universe.

In 1992, COBE’s experiments confirmed that the universe had a starting point, a big bang of light and energy that emerged from nothing and created everything in the universe.

Astronomer Robert Jastrow says the big bang image suggests the explosion of a cosmic hydrogen bomb. The moment the cosmic bomb exploded marks the birth of the universe.

The conclusion is that everything in the universe has emerged from nothing. For the first time in the history of mankind, astronomers and astrophysicists produced scientific proof that God created the universe out of nothing.

Fundamentally, by its power, the big bang shows us that someone with infinite intelligence and power had the intent and power to create this universe. Is this intelligence God the Creator?

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