Kailasa Temple was Carved from a Single Massive Rock – Nobody Knows How ‘The Builders’ Made It

The Kailasa Temple was built in the 8th century AD between 756-773 and is one of the 34 temples and monasteries sculpted in the rocks of Ellora caves in Maharashtra, India. Kailasa Temple is the largest Hindu temple built carved from one massive rock and no one knows exactly what tools have been used.

Although there are no inscriptions on the walls of the temple, it is attributed to King Rashtrakuta Krishna. The construction of the temple lasted 18 years.

The legend says:

The legend says that King Rashtrakuta Krishan was sick and his wife prayed to the god Ghrishneshwar to heal the king, and for this, the queen promised to build a temple dedicated to the God and that she will fast until she sees the top of the temple.

The legend also says that from a lot of architects who wanted to build the temple, only the architect Kokasa realized he had to build the temple from the top down so that the queen could see the top of the temple first. Kokasa was an architect master who came from a family of great architects.

The architecture

The temple has a height of 98 feet, a length of 164 feet and a width of 109 feet. The inner courtyard of the temple has a size of 82 m x 46 m. Entrance to the temple is done through a massive two-piece gateway into a U-shaped courtyard. In the courtyard, there is a central shrine dedicated to Shiva. The entrance to the courtyard is under a low gopuram.

To the left of the entrance are the Shaivaites (affiliated with Shiva), and in the right side of the entrance are Vaishnavaites (affiliated to Vishnu). The temple’s courtyard is surrounded by arcades built on 3 levels high. The arcades are carved with a great variety of deities. Originally, suspended bridges were built between the temple galleries, but now they are collapsed. The central shrine that houses the Lingam has a flat roof supported by 16 columns.

It is a must visit this temple to see with your own eyes the splendor of this amazing temple.

Who really built this temple? Could the builders had help from extraterrestrials?

The sophistication and size of this temple, and the way it was built, from a single rock, It’s hard to imagine that it was built with the technology available in the 8th century AD.

In the video below, there is another hypothesis about the builders of this temple.

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