5000-year-old Egyptian Hieroglyphs Found in Australia Turn History Upside Down (video)

It’s not hypothesis or speculation, history is turned upside down, at least the history of marine travel, of Australia, or the history of Egypt. Egyptian hieroglyphs were found in Australia.

The Egyptians crossed the oceans before Columbus or Zheng He.

In 1922, a German researcher who studied an Egyptian mummy found traces of tobacco and cocaine in her hair and bones.

Tobacco and cocaine are original from the American continent and were first brought to Europe by Columbus expeditions.

How is it possible for these plants to be known in Egypt thousands of years before the Europeans discovered America?
The clear clue is that the Egyptians had the navigational technology needed to navigate the world’s oceans.

Known as Gosford Glyphs.

These Egyptian Hieroglyphs were discovered around 1900 in the Brisbane National Water Park in Kariong. Hieroglyphics are drawn on about 240 stones and are part of local culture for over a hundred years.

These hieroglyphs are not just Egyptian, but they are among the oldest. In fact, they are so old that there are Egyptologists who cannot translate these hieroglyphs with great precision.

Article created by Chris © Alien Star

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