Updates on the 12,000 years old tunnels connecting Turkey with Scotland

A 12,000-year old underground tunnel network linking Turkey to Scotland was recently discovered by German archaeologist Heinrich Kush.

About this discovery, Kush wrote the book The secrets of the underground to an ancient world. This discovery will lead to the revision of ancient history.

What was actually discovered?

In fact, a network of underground tunnels has been discovered all over Europe, some of them under the English Channel and under the Mediterranean sea. These tunnels were dated as built in the Neolithic, but they could not determine by which civilization and for what purpose. Archaeologists who have studied these tunnels believe they have been used as refuge areas but could not be established against which danger.

The tunnels have a height of 70 cm but in some places they are bigger and in others they are smaller and there are many rooms that have special craved places for oil lamps. It is not known how the Neolithic builders solved the problem of air circulation through these tunnels. It is not known the exact construction date or the tools used.

Many of these tunnels lead to large underground galleries, galleries that have exits in some ancient historical monuments, churches, cemeteries, old farms and even in the middle of forests.

These tunnels were built by ancient experts who used special techniques to make tunnels and galleries with strong walls.

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