Ukrainian woman reveals herself as being a Reptilian – Live on TV

The oldest species of animals on Earth are reptiles that had even more time to evolve, which has happened because humanoid reptiles are much more evolved than their more recent human being.

The older a species is, the greater its evolution and, as Darwin shows us, all species are evolving.

When the big reptiles were exterminated by a great meteorite that struck the earth, the humanoid reptilians had already appeared and they’ve hidden in the caves and inside the earth and thus survived that cataclysm.

Being a species a few million years older than humans, the reptilian DNA has evolved so much that they can change their shape, hide their reptile skin to look like humans. Also due to the evolutionary advance, humanoid reptiles are much more intelligent than humans.

Although they still live in large underground cities, many of them have come to the surface and live among us without us knowing it. From time to time, as is the case with this young lady from Ukraine, these reptilians accidentally reveal themselves. The video presented has been running for months on the Internet, and it is another unmistakable proof that reptilians exist.

The video shows us that when her eyes blink, the camera surprised when her eyes turn into eyes of the reptile. The reptilian woman is a hostess for a TV show and is interviewing a guy.

When the guy says “Children of Gods, who later became gods, the woman blinks with reptilian eyes and smiles back to him.

gRUNgerOfficial is the youtuber that found this video on the AllatRa youtube channel. AllatRa is a strange Ukrainian movement.

Watch the video below and Share with your friends and let the know we are not the only intelligent species on mother Earth!

Article created by Chris © Alien Star

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