There Were Pre-Adamic Lost Civilizations On Earth and the History Avoids Mentioning These

If we carefully read the Bible we find indications that before Adam’s civilization there was another civilization that God destroyed and then created Adam and Eve. Jeremiah’s book says that God “ravaged” the earth before he created Adam.

The Bible scholars believe that this passage in the Bible, and others, refers to the fact that God once destroyed the humans and animals he created before Adam.

I invite you to read the Old Testament carefully and you will find surprising things.

Emperor Roman Julian The Apostate, who lived between 331-363 AD, and Calvinist theologian Isaac of Peyrere, who lived between 1596 and 1676, said that in the distant past on Earth there was a civilization before Adam.

Historian Mayo says the beings that existed before Adam was a true race.

As is the case with the very old Earth’s history, there are many enigmas that we can not yet elucidate, but there are more and more clues that the history of human civilizations has interesting chapters and slowly, this pre-historic puzzle, will be completed.

Archaeologists have discovered in Colombia the skeleton of a 100 million-year-old man’s hand.

In Swaziland, they have discovered a gigantic humanoid footprint of 200 million years.

Where do dinosaurs are placed in this history?

All the clues lead us to the conclusion that Genesis was, in fact, a Re-Genesis. Is it possible that the dinosaurs lived before the Adamic civilization? Can the theologians finally find common ground with evolutionists?

Puzzling questions indeed!

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