The Tablets of Destiny and the History of Annunaki on Earth

In the ancient mythology of the ancient Sumer, Destiny’s tablets were, in fact, a computerized library stored on chips.

This computerized library stored all the information about war tactics, celestial maps, and routes, and also the key with which the Annunaki spacecraft could be activated or deactivated. When Annunaki, beings who came from stars, descended on our planet, they built seven cities.

This was Enlil’s original strategic plan. These cities were built in Iraq today, between the Tigris and the Euphrates, in the area known as Mesopotamia. Annunaki then built the Edin area, which later became Eden.

Eridu was the first city built by Annunaki on earth and was led by Enki.

The next built city was Bad Tibira and was run by Nanna, son of Enlil. Annunaki entrusted Enlil with the task of building these cities on Earth. Enlil sent his sons, Nanu, Sin, and Ninurta to Earth, in the town of Bad Tibira. Then he came to Ninhursag, the sister-in-law of Enlil, who was his mistress and Ninurta’s mother. In this city, Ninurta gave birth to his two sons, Shamash and Ishtar.

The third city built was Laraak. The city was a beacon for the spaceships that were flying at that time. This city was run by Ninurta.

The fourth city was Sippar. The city was important because it had an airport for the spacecraft that left the Earth loaded with gold. The commander of the city was Shamash (Sun god and righteous).

Shurruppak was the fifth city, it was a medical center and was run by Ninhursag.

Nippur was the sixth city and was run directly by Enlil. In this city was built a tower that had on the top floor a room that was considered the holiest of the holy, Dir Ga. On this tower the antennae of communication between the mother planet Nibiru and Earth were mounted.

The seventh city was Lagash.

The tablets of destiny, so important for Annunaki, were hidden in Dir Ga’s room. The tablets stored all the laws and all the culture and all the Annunaki secrets.

These tablets were stolen at one point by Pazuzu. Zacharia Stitchin says Igigi, another Annunaki breed, found Pazuzu when he was a child abandoned. It’s not known where they found it. Igigi adopted him and raised him on Pazuzu, although he looks different from them. Igigi taught Pazuzu the secrets of stars and travels. Pazuzu means The one who knows. In Sumerian myths, he was known as the god of storms.

Igigi sent Pazuzu to Enlil as their ambassador, and Enlil gave him access to Nippur. At one point Igigi rebelled against Enlil, and that generated the myths of angels who rebelled against God. Until Igigi’s rebellion against Enlil, Pazuzu has been cunning to find out where did Enlil hidden the Tablets of Destiny and stole them to have all the power in heaven and earth, and Pazuzu wanted to become the new king of the Earth.

The Great Council of Anu commissioned Enlil with capturing and punishing Pazuzu. Pazuzu now owns the key of all the weapons owned by Enlil. Pazuzu also controlled almost all the spacecraft of Annunaki. Ninurta, son of Enlil, asked him to let him hunt Pazuzu because he wanted to become a great commander in Enlil’s army, which had happened.

Ninurta sought and fought Pazuzu, both using the sophisticated and destructive armament, but Ninurta had a very powerful weapon to defeat Pazuzu. Ninurta recovered the Tablets of Destiny and the order was restored. Pazuzu has remained in mythology as the demon that brings plaques over cities.

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