The Amazing Sumerian List of the 8 Immortal Kings that Ruled Earth for 240,000 years

Many sources on the internet say that the list of 8 immortal kings appears on a single stone tablet but this is not the case. There is indeed a list, but it has been compiled by archaeologists and historians from several sources, namely several stone tablets. All these stone tablets are written with the cuneiform alphabet.

The most important and complete stone tablet is, in fact, a prism-like stone, on which is written a part of the Sumerian pre-Great Flood history.

The amazing thing is that this stone tablets talks about a very ancient history of Earth that is not accounted for by mainstream archaeology. We talk about the Weld-Blundell prism from the Ashmolean Museum cuneiform collection in Oxford. This prism contains the most complete copy of the king’s list.

These tablets have been found in southern Iraq, the area rich in archaeological evidence of the ancient Sumerian, Akadian and Babylonian civilizations.

Unfortunately, with a hard-to-understand rage, the ISIS terrorist organization destroyed almost all of the ancient temples in southern Iraq, and I wonder if this was not the diabolical plan of the Illuminati to wipe out important historical evidence about the distant past and the real origins of mankind !?

The list contains the names and the extremely long time periods in which these kings reigned. It is clear in these tablets that these kings reigned before the great flood and came from heaven.

The fact that they lived tens of thousands of years, which is unusual for the people of today, and the fact that it is clear that they came from the sky, makes me assert with certainty, that these kings are actually aliens kings, more precisely Anunnaki kings.

Anunnaki have been very good in genetic manipulation and I am convinced that these kings have lived so much because they managed to manipulate their genetic code by removing the gene responsible for aging.

There is a clear connection between these texts of the tablets and the Bible that I think they inspired because in the Bible the kings before and after the great flood also lived long periods of time.

These kings have lived and ruled the various cities and periods of Sumeria for over 240 thousand years.

1. Alulim was king in Eridug and lived eight sars (28,800 years).

2. Alalngar was king after Alulim, also in Eridug and lived for 10 sars (36,000 years).

“Then Eridug fell and the kingdom was taken to Bad-tibira.”

3. En-men-lu-ana was king for 12 sars (43,200 years).

4. En-men-gal-ana was king for 8 sars (28,800 years).

5. Dumuzid (the shepherd) was king for 10 sars (36,000 years).

“Then Bad-tibira fell and the kingdom was taken to Larag.”

6. En-sipad-zid-ana was king for 8 sars (28,800 years).

“Then Larag fell and the kingdom was taken to Zimbir.”

7. En-men-dur-ana was king 5 for sars and 5 ners (21,000 years).

“Then Zimbir fell and the kingdom was taken to Shuruppag.”

8. Ubara-tutu was king for 5 sars and 1 ner (18,600 years).

“Then the flood swept over.”

We can see that when one capital city fell, another city, under the rule of another king, became the capital city of the region. And the kings after the flood lived a lot, according to our day, they lived 1200, 900 years, but not so much as the kings before the flood, which tells me that the kings before the flood were Anunnaki aliens, and those after the flood were kings with hybrid descendants, from Anunnaki and humans.

After the great flood, the new dynasties began in Kish.
The Sumerian King List is a big mystery, after all.

Article created by Chris © Alien Star

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