SCIENTIST: “U.S Has Anti-Gravity Space Vehicles Obtained By Reverse Engineering Alien Technology”

Although the US Government and other governments keep these secret things, they are no longer secrets. Everyone already knows that the US government owns spacecraft with anti-gravity engines obtained by reverse engineering from alien spacecraft.

The first to reveal these secrets was Bob Lazar, an engineer who worked at Area 51. Bob Lazar himself worked to reverse engineering the engines of an alien spacecraft that was an anti-gravity engine.

Dr. Richard Boylan who has a Ph.D. in Behavioral Science and is also an anthropologist and clinical hypnotherapist, who has been working for over 15 years with people claiming to have been kidnapped by aliens, who say they have worked in secret facilities to reverse engineering on spacecraft, with people who say they have contact with aliens.

A special category is the people who say they have worked to create anti-gravity engines for US spacecraft, these engines being created on the reverse engineering of anti-gravity engines of alien spacecraft.

Dr. Boylan says that working as a hypnotherapist with all these people, has begun to study the very UFO phenomena and encounters with aliens.

During these 15 years, Dr. Boylan has gathered so much material that he has decided to publish his research and make national and international conferences on these topics.

From those he advised as a clinician therapist, he found that the US had at least 12 anti-gravitational spacecraft. He also found out that the Earth is being visited by aliens, and at least the US government is in contact with some of these extra-terrestrials.

Article created by Chris © Alien Star

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