An Alien Base Has Been Found on Moon – Google is trying to hide it – March 2019

There is all kind of anomalies on Mars and Moon, not to mention here, on Earth. Now, let’s focus on one of these anomalies found on the Moon.

The anomaly has been found by the Taiwanese ufologist and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring when he studied some satellite pictures of the Moon.

The anomaly is on the edge of Zeeman crater in the southern region of the dark side of the Moon.

The anomaly seems to be a big symmetrical object. This anomaly is not a natural formation of the Moon soil because natural formations don’t have regular shapes. The object resembles a rectangular dark panel or hatches surrounded by round edges. Waring says that this must be some kind of an artificial structure.

The big question is who made this structure? Has been built by extraterrestrials or by human colonists, or maybe by some ancient aliens?

Article created by Chris © Alien Star

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