20,000 Year Old Sumerian Tablets Tells The Real Genesis of Human Race

Since Plato’s antiquity, man has longed to find out what is his story on this planet, which is its genesis, where it comes from and where it goes.

Are there Gods who created it? Who are the Gods and where are they now? At all of the above questions, one man was able to answer with certainty, the renowned archaeologist and linguist Zecharia Sitchin.

Zecharia Sitchin has devoted more than 20 years of his life to deciphering the texts on Sumerian clay tablets and succeeded. Sumerian clay tablets are dated at least 20,000 years old and say a different story to what we know but have similarities with Bible creationism.

Indeed, man, as he is today, was created by the Gods, but these Gods are not supernatural spiritual beings but aliens from another planet. These aliens from another planet are Anunnaki from planet Nibiru.

The clay tablets tell us that our solar system also has another great planet that has an elliptical orbit around the sun and that the planet completes this orbit in 36,000 years. On this planet lives an advanced civilization that needs gold to spray it into the atmosphere to be able to defend itself from the radiation from the cosmos.

The fact that they need to spray fine gold particles into the atmosphere to block the radiation indicates that Nibiru does not have a magnetic field, as the Earth has a magnetic field that protects the Earth from cosmic radiation. At one point, Nibiru Himself remained without and these Anunnaki went to the cosmos to search for planets that have gold mines and so they found the Earth.

Enki came to Earth with his wife Ninhursag and another 20 astronauts from Nibiru. To their great surprise, they found not only gold on Earth but also a rich flora and fauna among which the first primitive people. These Anunnaki were not only cosmic explorers, but also great scientists, Enki’s wife, Ninhursag, was a great geneticist. Because Anunnaki needed large quantities of gold, which they could not extract from the rich gold mines of the Sumer area, they thought they could create slave workers from primitive hominids on Earth.

The task of creating, by genetic engineering, a species of docile animal, but capable of working hard, has been granted to Ninhursag. Ninhursag combined, in several experiments, some of them failed, Anunnaki DNA with humanoid DNA and eventually succeeded in creating the first man. This is the history of the appearance of the first men who, as the Bible says, was created in the image of God, which translates as it was created with Annunaki DNA.

The Flood appears in the mythology of all peoples, but also in the Bible.

Zecharia Sitchin thinks that the Flood was possible because the planet Nibiru, passing by a short distance from Earth, created tides so large that they flooded the earth.

After 15 years of study of the Bible and the myths of the Semitic and European peoples, we at Alien Star page came to the conclusion that the Flood took place but as a result of a conflict between Annunaki and the people they created.

Anunnaki are the Gods in the myths of these peoples, and as the Bible says, the sons of God have seen that the daughters of men are beautiful, and have joined with them and given birth to the giants. This means that the Anunnaki men saw that men’s women were beautiful and got together, and so the giants were born. Because of this, Enki created this Flood to destroy the Giants because they were starting to revolt against Annunaki.

This is the real genesis of the human race!

Article created by Chris © Alien Star

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